August 7, 2022

The Pom Pom August 2022 Playlist

Ah, August! You’ve heard our plea all year that we wanted sunshine and warm days… oh how you’ve delivered. You’re just a little too late, because we’ve had our fill with June and July. That’s enough slices! We’re now calling out for the cool air of autumn, for warm drinks and for sweaters. No disrespect though…

For me, August 2022 is all about longing, nostalgia and introspection. I’ve been attracted to songs that remind me of a different time: a time where I felt like the world was my oyster (yes, I could become the next Princess of Monaco, yes I could win and Academy Award by 20 years old while also being a practicing neurosurgeon). Through these songs, I’ve been able to reconnect with that (delirious) excitement and ambition. They’ve allowed me to be more creative and to think about my  journey as a human.

I’ve been delighted to work along these songs this month. Their “greyness” clash beautifully with the sunny weather of Lisbon in August. I hope that you will enjoy this eclectic selection and hope that it will inspire you to create a nostalgia playlist of your own.

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