August 7, 2022

15 Instagram Accounts For Inspiration

As a designer, I take every opportunity to get inspired! My creativity needs to be constantly fed in order to survive & thrive. I find inspiration everywhere: walking outside, listening to music, watching movies, going to the museum, even scrolling on social media. Let’s be honest, we all scroll from time to time, so why not follow accounts that inspire us? I’m not telling you to ditch all of your favorite reality tv stars (because I won’t do it!), but simply to add inspiring artists & designers to your feed. Here is a list of 15 accounts that I discovered this month and that I absolutely love.

Photographer Sarah Van Rij (@sarahvanrij)

Illustrator Tess Tseng (@another_august)

Photographer Antonia Oprea (@antonia_oprea)

Blumenhaus Magazine (@blumenhausmagazine)

Photographer Joakim Möller (@moller_joakim)

Vintage Store Mason & Painter (@masonandpainter)

Film Photographer Melda (@meldaorcan)

Mlgrs Graphic Design (@mlgrsdesign)

Robyn Hart-Winks's Outfits (@robynhartwinks)

Illustrator Lydia Ellen (@lydiaellendesign)

Artist Karolina Skórka (@k.a.r.o.l.inka)

Artist Maggie Cowles (@maggiemargaret_cowles)

Jane Juliane's Outfits (@janejuliane.c)

Artist & Illustrator Rose England (@roseenglandlondon)

Lauren MacLean's Apartment (@livingbylo)

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